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Slow Download Speeds & Tweaking!


Slow Download Speeds & Tweaking!

copy of my original post from ADSLGuide - thought i'd try here as well - double my chances etc!


don't know what happened above!!

Have had BB installed for a week now and am yet to see the promised huge increase in download speed!

It is better than previous dial up but only just. Generally downloading about 10/11 whereas on dialup it was 5/6 anyway!! Uploads are fine at about 30/33 (typical).

Have browsed around a bit on here and read about tweaking, bearing in mind i am a complete novice on upgrades etc (only opened my case for first time ever last week to put in new graphics card), will tweaking bring about the improvements i'm looking for?

is it simple enough? Are there any other fixes available?

Please restore my faith in Broadband and my investment!!!!

Thanks in advance for your help ladies and gents!

Slow Download Speeds & Tweaking!

Tweaking will usually give some small improvements
and 'fine tune' your connection. It has in a few cases
fixed a more serious problem more of a 'repair' than 'tweak'.
If you would'nt mind taking the ADSLguide speedtest
and also the DSLreports tweak test
and posting your results.
It would also help if you supply details of your modem, and pc specs,
eg. processor , motherboard if known and operating system plus updates.
There is a current problem with BT in that there are a number
of exchanges running beyond (although this is disputable) their capacity limits and BT will still insist on connecting more and more
users, before upgrades are made. Tweaking will have less effect,
in this situation (if any).
Have a look at your particular Exchange status.
Run through Plusnets ADSL troubleshooting guide in the support section and also
the ADSL wiring and filters tutorial.
Finally look at the MTU tweak topic for details of how to tweak your connection.

Slow Download Speeds & Tweaking!


thanks for the guidance!!

my ADSLguide results are here:

my broadband report test is here:

and my exchange (most worrying) result is here:

I have the Binatone USB modem (supplied by PlusNet), i am running a AMD Athlon 1.7 with windows XP, 40 gb hard drive, 256 ram, 64 mb graphics, motherboard is an Explorer (MS-6511).

Hope all this info helps (and helps me!!)
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Slow Download Speeds & Tweaking!

Your exchange link was to the main page, not the one showing your exchange status. If it was red (As I suspect) then you will get intermittent speed issues and tweaking may not get good results until BT upgrade your exchange.

Slow Download Speeds & Tweaking!

I would agree that if your exchange is showing red or amber
then at least you know that there is some light at the end of
the tunnel and hopefully once the upgrades are in place,
your speeds will improve.
With your speedtest result all that BT will say is that your
product is performing within their parameters, there isn't a huge
drop from say 58KB/s to 51KB/s.
You've already tweaked your line so there isn't much scope
for improvement there.
Ensure you have SP1 with XP as your modem works best with it.
Double check that your using the correct DNS servers.
If you run the command ipconfig/all , this will bring up the details,
they should be & .
Lastly, If its at all possible to borrow a different modem, eg. a
Speedtouch I would do so, just to eliminate the Binatone as
the source of the problem as sometimes the drivers don't 'take' to
some systems.

Slow Download Speeds & Tweaking!

Yes you were right!! Poxy exchange!

it is red!! Sad

Looks like i shall have to wait then!! (states that exchange should be upgraded 3rd March - we shall see!)

Thanks for all the help people! Smiley

Slow Download Speeds & Tweaking!

I was reading your speed test results and it appears that you have your settings at MSS 1432 and your RWIN as a multiple of that. You may find an improvement if you set your MTU to 1478 and your MSS to 1438 ( 40 less than MTU ) Your RWIN should be a multple of your MSS, so try 17256, or any mutiple of 1438 to get the best download speed. Hope this helps.
Regards, John Taylor.