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Slow Connection


Slow Connection

Traceroute Results: View Traceroutes
Traceroute Time (24 Hour): 11:23 to 11:48
Traceroute Duration: 25 minutes
Traceroute Packet Size: 64 bytes
Packetloss in Traceroute?: Yes
Exchange: Crediton
Problem: Permanently Slow Data Transfer (Everything is slow)
Duration of Problem: Since installation
Minimum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 96 kbps
Maximum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 110 kbps
Average Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 103 kbps
Account: ADSL Home (Self Install) - 512kb (50:1)
IP Block Size: Single (default)
Ticket Number: None
Additional Information: The router is D-Link DSL-604+
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Slow Connection

According to the MTR page, you are getting a lot of dropped packets on your local network ( so I would investigate that first as that could be causing your slow connections. There are also unacceptable packet loss on all connections so again I would look locally first.

If you have an ADSL router, reboot it, upgrade it's firmware etc.

Also try connecting to your master socket and see if the MTR trace is any better.

Also try another ADSL filter/splitter in case your current one is faulty.

Have you made sure all phones/faxes/sky boxes/56K modems are connected via ADSL filter/splitters?

Have you followed the advice in ADSL: Trouble Shooting and ADSL: Wiring and Filters, and the toubleshooter pages under help & support?

Once you have fixed your local issue (0 packet loss on and the speeds are still bad then PlusNet may be able to help, but while you still have local issues they can't.

Re; slow connection

The Problem is now resolved. The D-Link Router was U/S.

Slow Connection

Pardon for me for not understanding, but could you explain to everyone else reading this thread what 'U/S' is secret code for?!!! :roll:

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Slow Connection

UnServiceable - broken, nackered, dead as a do-do, failed, useless, does not work
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Slow Connection

even i understand now Tongue