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Slow Bandwidth Speed results


Slow Bandwidth Speed results

Does anyone have any ideas?

My connection speed is 250 - 280 Kbps, using the Plusnet Bandwidth Speed Test.
I have checked for viruses and BT report no faults.
I have used my modem on another Plusnet ADSL line with another pc and it obtains speeds of 460 to 480 Kbps but again drops to 250 -280 with my pc.
At first, we thought it might be a USB problem but I have used a D-Link professional router and produced the same results.
I have also used a 400 MHz laptop on my ADSL line and obtain 460 Kbps, using the same modem.
These results point to my pc as the culprit:

m/board Gigabyte GA-7VTXE, BIOS updated, CPU Athlon 2400+, Hard Drive IBM Deskstar 7200rpm 120 Gb, memory 512 MbDDR, graphics card ATI Radeon 7500 (64 Mb memory), operating systems XP and 98SE (similar results with each)

The modem is a Mentor, but is out of the equation as it works fine with other computers and lines.

I would appreciate some suggestions as I am completely baffled.

Slow Bandwidth Speed results

First things first, have you checked the obvious things like the extention cables, the filters and so on within your own property.

The best thing you can try, if at all possible. Plug your ADSL modem into the inner socket of the Master Faceplate. This will rule out internal wiring issues.

In adition what exchange are you on.

Slow Bandwidth Speed results

Thanks for the suggestions.
I think I have checked everything but surely connections etc. have been ruled out by the fact that the laptop, connected in exactly the same way as my pc, achieved faster speeds, in all situations? I checked the laptop on every extension, including the one I normally use, and reached 460 Kbps.
Our exchange is Heywood.

Slow Bandwidth Speed results

I have been reading the advice of aleca in this forum, entitled Sticky:MTU Tweak and decided to visit the DrTCP website and put in the recommended settings.
It worked!
I am absolutely amazed and can only say that anyone with slow bandwidth speed problems reading this should read the article by aleca and follow the instructions.
My present speeds are 470 - 480 Kbps compared with 250-270 Kbps before the Tweak.
Hope it works for you. Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy