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Slow 1Mb connection


Slow 1Mb connection

I recently had 1Mb broadband enabled in my new home ( after having a 512kb Virgin connection n my old one). Everything seemed to be going o.k, however i only seem to be able to hit around 860kbs. I've posted in the MTU Tweak section and tried different things (as recommended) with both DRTCP and Cablenut, but I still can only hit these speeds. I have an Alcatel USB modem (green one!). Any suggestions on how I can get it any quicker? Would it be worth me changing the modem for a router? I also seem to hit a limit of about 15k download using bittorrent etc.
Any help appreciated.


same here

recently went from 512 to 1 meg this morning, when using 512 not 1 problem perfect, checked the bt log that this has been upgraded and it confirms it has.

But i'm not better than a 512 connection and at times I'm lucky to get over 11k but seems to pick up then drop then pick back up.

I'm either trying to do this before plusnet have finished or this is a probelm.

Downstream Upstream
SNR Margin (dB): 3.3 22.0

Attenuation (dB): 48.5 31.5

I did notice this though, My downstream snr margin used to be about 12

Slow 1Mb connection

SNR decreases the higher the speed of the line.

SNR, or Signal to Noise ration, is the level of signal, compared to noise.

The more you force down a line, the more crowded it becomes. Also, the more effect noise takes upon that signal.

The recomended level for SNR is 12dB, with some hard capable of good operation at 6dB. However, 10dB upwards is a good target.

Attuation can't be cured by looking at your household wiring. This is effected more by the leg between you house and the exchange. However, SNR can usualy be looked at, to bring into specification.

I sugest following the wireing and filter tutorial in the tutorials forum. This should help make sure you have the correct setup for ADSL.

WHere possible, it would also be advisable, to plug your modem/router direct into the inner socket of the NTe5 master socket (remove the small lower face to expose an inner plug).

If you get low reading here, with only the ADSL hardware plugged in, there is little chance of getting improved service out of looking more closly at your wireing.

However, it may be possible to raise a fault to PlusNet (noting that you have used the inner socket of the master socket, and the SNR value). BT may be able to bring the line into better specification between your premesis and the exchange, as part of the new extended reach system.

Slow 1Mb connection

last week I went up to 1Mb and got very good speeds - 512k game me 576 downstream and the 1Mb is giving me 1152kbsp, but from the day it was regraded I had a period from 20:05 to 22:55 each evening with very poor performance. Had it slightly occasionally with the 512k over the last few months but not nearly as bad as since the 1Mb.

Anyway after much too'ing and fro'ing with support actually discovered it was a faulty set of garden lights in one of my neighbours gardens that was earthing - they must be 100feet or more away from my house, but as soon as we turned them off and he stopped using them i've (touch wood) not had a blip since.

After advising support ws told 'yer' i've heard that before, as well as flashing xmas lights and (somethign else I can;t remember),

So the point i'm putting forward is perhaps it's worth looking at electrical supply/equipment in a wider area instead of the Central Heating, Alarm Systems etc that is usually suggested to check.


Slow 1Mb connection


Didn't you post this issue in the MTU Tweak already? Wink


Slow 1Mb connection

yeah, sorry I had posted it in the MTU tweak section, thought I might get more responses here Wink Just in case anyone came up with an instant solution.
Sorry Shockedops: