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Sloow Connection Speeds.


Sloow Connection Speeds.

Just been on the PN+ 2MB connection 4 a week now and I`m having this problem...

Dialing into my ADSL modem Voyager 105, I`m only getting a connection of 576kbp not even 1MB. Done all the speed test from varying places bt etc, and on plusnets it says i`m downloading @ 50-60 kbps, which is good but still fairly slow seeing as I`m on the 2MB plus....Huh?

I`ve checked for virus & spyware and double checked my hardware and all seems normal. Even phoned BT to check my line who said everythings ok...

Is there something I`m missing here...Huh I`m also close to my local exchange and thats not a problem or is it..?

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Sloow Connection Speeds.

The product is called "Upto 2Mb" and that is because it is dependant on what speed your line will support.

When you place an order, you will be provisioned at the fastest speed your line wll support. So it looks like this has been the case and you have been provisioned with a 512k service.

You can check by raising a ticket with Plusnet and they will be able to see from the line tests if 512k is your max.