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I've been happy with plusnet, but in the past hour or so while setting up a new UPS, i've noticed that the internets slowwwed down, so I did a speed test and < 300Kbps each time (i'm on 2mb) on both computers i've tested.

Is this just me or are other people suffering with this problem?



Hi there,

Probably an Exchange issue.

Try the BT Speed Test and let us know what speeds that gives.

It might also be worth entering your phone number here to see if there are any issues listed for your exchange. Bear in mind though that BT are notoriously slow at updating that info.



I've just done the BT speed test account thingy and it reported "1649 kilo bits per second (Kbps)" which is obviously fine, but while logged in under my plusnet details gives around 200KBPS and the bt openworld download speed drops below 100kbps when normally downloads hang around 180kbps...

Any suggestions?


If the BT speed test is showing normal speeds but ADSL Guide tester is showing slow speeds then it would be best raising a ticket.

If you can, link to or copy the ADSL Guide tests to your ticket. The results of the BT test will be automatically logged so Plus Net can check these.
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I thought it was normally not too swift at this tiime of night.
I've just run four Pn speedtests, the first two just would not go at all and I gave up after 30 secs, the second two gave 1.77 and 1.74Mbps.
My exchange has no issues.

Isn't such erratic behaviour what we should expect at peak time?


no we should not expect or accept such erratic behaviour at ANY time......


i'm having similar slowdown issues.. but i have pin pointed it to what is (to me) an almost impossible cause. Several pieces of software i use are now reporting i have a firewalled connection, when (for valid reasons) i have no firewall whatsoever (not even Windows Firewall), and this is really starting to make sending and recieving rather slow. http is fine, but other software (yes, i have legitimate uses) report this "firewall blocking your connection" and it goes to a crawl.

For example, Windows Live Messenger in the last week has suddenly detected a firewall present between myself and the public internet, which in turn, makes any file transfers through it go at around 2k/sec

This is the same with other transfer software, all reporting the same firewall, which i know does not exist at my end.

Any ideas guys?
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For me the slow down has hit only newsgroups. When I try to access any newsgroup via Outlook Express the response times are lengthy. If I access the newsgroups via the web browser there is no problem.

I have seen no slow down at all when browsing the web, just with newsgroups - the newsgroups in question are all in the USA.

I have checked my local exchange status and no problems are reported.