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Slightly confused about my package


Slightly confused about my package

Hey all,

I've been with "PlusNet Broadband Home Premier 1Mb - Original - original" for a while which is £29.99 a month.

However i've been looking at the packages on offer and I can get (well my line wouldn't support 2mb I dont think anyway) but "Broadband Premier - Up to 2mb" for £21.99 a month... so am I paying £8 more a month on the same product, or are there differences in data transfer rates? (My package was sold on the idea of 'Unlimited' - I know it doesn't exist, but thats what it was sold as) are the new packages limited in the amount they can download/upload?

Thanks all,
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Slightly confused about my package

You are basically paying because you have not downgraded.

Plusnet did not inform everyone they could downgrade for free... but in fact, you can.

Simply raise a link:Contact Us ticket to be downgraded, and this will occur from your next billing date.

The base speed for £21.99/month now is 2Mb. Anything below that is still covered under the same package / price, since it costs Plusnet the same to provision each speed.