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Slap in the face from Plusnet

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Registered: 24-08-2007

Slap in the face from Plusnet

Oh dear,
Plusnet had such a good reputation when I joined.

After one week without internet access and a day wasted trying to report the fault and countless more hours trying to get a status update I was feeling a bit raw. Having now visited this forum, I discover many others have been or are still going through the same or worse.

Plusnet have more or less aknowledged they've had a catastophic period of failures and their phone support is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In fact it did become completely unobtainable for a while.

Maybe this is just a one-off bad patch. Anyway, my connection works now, so why moan. Ok, it's even slower than it was before the trouble: 160.4 Kbps downstream, 241.0Kbps upstream - hardly broadband.
I decided to settle for reminding Plusnet to reduce my bill for the loss of service.

Here's the reply received today:

I am glad to hear that you broadband service is now working again.
Due to the fact that broadband is not a guaranteed service, it is not company policy to compensate for periods of downtime due to faults.

Michael Dixon

What kind of cowboy contract have I entered into with Plusnet? I have to pay, but they don't have to provide the service.

I was under no illusion that I could claim payment for loss of earnings incurred by having no email internet access for a week, or for time wasted due to a totally inadequate telephone support line. But given that they informed me the service breakdown was due to their suppliers, I am legally entitled to recompense for the service I paid for but did not receive.

Are these the dirty tactics of an oversubscribed ISP? Treat the customers badly enough and some will go away. I think I've got the message.

Slap in the face from Plusnet

you are quite right.I dont recomend even my enemy for this plus net broadband- really the worst service i have encountered.
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Registered: 05-08-2007

Slap in the face from PlusNet

Well lot got problems after upgrade to higher speed speaking for myself I been trying to get upgrade with PN for sometime now even filled form out but got no response well September I'm leaving this outfit my 12 months will be up then and I'm sorry I ever joined

Slap in the face from Plusnet

I am glad that I was on one month notice. I moved to zen and they sorted my maxdsl troubles within the day. Plusnet was good (was!)

Slap in the face from Plusnet

Oh dear. And I've just signed up (from Pipex). At least I've got a free, one month trial. Fingers crossed I'm not one of the unlucky ones on PN.