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Sky Broadband

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Sky Broadband

I recieved an offer from Sky today concerning there upcoming SKY Broadband,They are offering upto 16 mb broadband,free connection,free instalation,free sky broadband box for just £10 per mth as long as your a sky tv customer...I am very tempted by this as Plusnet is really annoying me at present,I pay £29.99 a month for up to 8MB premier account,Only to get a speedtest result of 2 mb?
I wonder if anyone else is having the same concerns with Plusnet ? I have been with Plusnet for 7 years now and I have found the service to get worse and worse the longer I stay with them. I have constant disconnects and to talk to an actual person via the 50p a minute phone service is a very long drawn out affair I would appreciate any comments regarding my concerns as I am not keen on change but I also dont like feeling that I am being ripped off.I would probably be happy to stay with Plusnet if there monthly fee was more competitive but at the moment it is probably the dearest ISP broadband out there.Is it about time long term customers began to show a bit of attitude to plusnet and thus hopefully they may review there pricing policy as I see no reason why PLUSNET should be the dearest service and yet be so unreliable?
I look forward to your comments.
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Sky Broadband

Its not that they are a dear service it is the lack of service. When you search plusnet on adslguide they come out near the top on cheapness. And when you look on paper they sound excellent and indeed were a few years ago.

Look at what you get. Unlimited email addresses, spam protection, web mail, reasonable allowance outside of peak hours, test usenet, game servers, web space including Mysql, PHP and cgi. And probably more I have neglected to mention. Wow sounds good doesn't it.

Sadly traffic shaping, the 10 gigs peak time (the worst in the industry I am sure), the dropping of binary newsgroups with no compensation, irratic pings on games, flakey email servers and slow CS have made the offer not so attractive. I wont even start on the Tiscalli LLU controversy.

Saying that Plusnet are not as bad as some ISPs, just not quite where they were once.

I have registered with sky. I imagine it will be a no frills service but I already outsource usenet (forced to) and am looking for a cheap deal on web space (there are many hosts for £20 or less which meet my meager needs) There will come a time when I just need a few email addresses and the ability to post on these forums. Cheesy

Sky Broadband

sky broadband sounds tempting but who are they using surely they are not a isp under themselves (might be tiscalli in disguise!!!!! OH NO !!!!!!) never know.


think they plan to use easynet [as they have a 40% share in it ]and as my exchange has easynet llu [at 24 meg ]i have signed up for it [they will reply august with more info so hopefully b4 end september i'll be away with them