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Sky Broadband Questions, Anyone please help?


Sky Broadband Questions, Anyone please help?


I'm looking to MIGRATE from Shitnet 8MB to Sky Broadband Connect 8MB

It's just i have a few questions if anyone could answer who knows..

1: Can you pay for Sky Broadband via Direct Debit? or do you need to use the method you use to pay for Sky TV?


2: You can Migrate from Plusnet To Sky Broadband over the internet can't you?


PS: Anyone on Sky Broadband - Is the service good? ie: any p2p blockings etc?

Thanks again Smiley & hope for replys SmileySmileySmiley
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Sky Broadband Questions, Anyone please help?

The T & Cs of Sky BB, state that the payment will be collected together with the Sky TV payment, whatever you are using. I don't suppose there is anything stopping you changing to DD.

You will have to get a MAC from Plusnet to migrate.

You will get more info HERE

You can also try the SkyBB U/Forum HERE

Sky Broadband Questions, Anyone please help?

ok, thanks for the help Smiley i'll check it out.

Sky Broadband Questions, Anyone please help?


I knowe PN have had a few issue's this year.. buy Sky?? come on!! yea its a good offer and all.. but then look at all the other people offering deals this good.. you know the score! their the ones on watchdog this year! Do some checking! their are long delays on provide orders from sky along with issues of equipment not being sent out..

Research is the Key.. in my opinion.. its to soon to go to sky.. wait a bit. and see what happens with them!


Merry Christmas
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Sky Broadband Questions, Anyone please help?

In life you tend to get what you pay for. I would let other people test out Sky first for a few months before using them. I was one of the first TalkTalk broadband users and the quality of the ADSL was appalling, gaming pings over 150ms in peak times and constant disconections. Their customer service is also appalling. They told me my router was the fault. It worked fine on BT and works fine now on Plusnet.

I would read some reviews on ISP's and make sure you pick an ISP that fits your needs. Plusnet gives me stable low gaming pings, fast web browsing and helpfull support.

Sky Broadband Questions, Anyone please help?

I know 2 people on Sky broadband.
The service is ok, nothing like the 8Mb or 16Mb!!!! they're quoting in the sales pitch, more like 4 or 5Mb.
However, the after sales and tech support leave a lot to be desired.

They're probably all tied up trying to fix the all the Sky+ boxes that don't seem to be working ;-)
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Sky Broadband Questions, Anyone please help?

Sky NOT recommended.
Tiscali NOT recommended (From whom I believe PNet buy their LLU bandwidth)
TalkTalk NOT recommended
NTL NOT Recommended
- All the above normally in bottom 5 or 6 positions of ISP league tables along with BT for reliability and customer service ratings.

Telecom Plus as per WHICH! Magazine, Deloitte Touche Ross, Sunday Times, Telegraph and others - VERY MUCH RECOMMENDED. Their Broadcall service includes free telephone calls and is cheaper than SKY and the other well publicised "Free" braodband offerings. Plus you get one bill for everything you sign up to - gas, electric, phone, line rental, broadband and mobile phones.

If PlusNet dont remove this post or link, check out or

Request a MAC from PNet once you decide where to go to.

Sky Broadband Questions, Anyone please help?

hmmmm well i've been trying to connect to sky broadband for over a month now and they are making it really difficult for me to get a MAC key to get back to plusnet so to avoid the hassle stay with plusnet because i have been without broadband for 3 weeks now and im using plusnets free dial up which has saved me.


I used to have many problems with plusnet but sky broadband seems to be too busy so it will probably be even slower than plusnet.

Sky Broadband Questions, Anyone please help?

I can only see things gettting worse at Sky too - we complain about lack of capacity etc here, and we are paying money to PN for our connections - how can Sky (or any other free BB package for that matter) offer sustainable quality, without some contribution towards capacity costs from its users?

Can you complain about something you get for free?

Sky Broadband Questions, Anyone please help?

sally im not talkin about the free sky bb package im talkin about the sky connect 8mb £17.99 package....more expensive than plusnet and you cant even get on it...great