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Simultaneous PSTN and ADSL ordering


Simultaneous PSTN and ADSL ordering

Is it actually possible to move your ADSL at the same time as moving your phone line? Plusnet assured me this was possible and that I wouldn't experience any downtime.

I knew it sounded too good to be true - 4 days without ADSL (and even when it was actually working, they never actually told me...). I'm a bit miffed, cos let's face it, plusnet isn't the best or the cheapest option for ADSL and the only reason I chose to stay with them (and paid another 50-60 quid installation fee) was because they assured me I would suffer no downtime.

They say they can't offer any compensation, which sucks. If I knew I was going to be without ADSL for an entire working week, I would have just gone elsewhere and would have ended up saving money!

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Simultaneous PSTN and ADSL ordering

most of the time the faults that occur with moving house is with BT not doing on time or not letting PN know that its been done, I assume your phone lines now been installed and its a case of the 10day period where BT set up your ADSL line