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Signal to Noise Ratio etc


Signal to Noise Ratio etc

Hi All

With all the excitement of automatic speed upgrades soon,I thought I would see if i could find out what sot of state my line was in via my D-Link 300T ADSL Modem.I would certainly appreciate help from anyone else using a D-Link Modem on this one.I cannot find any specific refernces to SNR etc.Perhaps D-Link use a different method as all I can find that seems close is the following.......

Connection Status Connected
Upstream Rate (Kbps) 288
Downstream Rate (Kbps) 1152
US Margin 31
DS Margin 31
Modulation MMODE
LOS Errors 0
DS Line Attenuation 13
US Line Attenuation 16
Path Mode Fast Path

Am I looking in the right place? or does that make sense to someone as regards the possable maximum speed my line maybe able to handle.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions

Ian & Linda Jordan

Signal to Noise Ratio etc

Those figures are very good if correct and i'm pretty sure you will be able to get the 8mb service. But dont quote me :lol:

The Margin figure is SNR and the other figures are your line attenuation.


Signal to Noise Ratio etc

Thanks Andy

Your reply and explanation are appreciated.

Ian & Linda Jordan