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Should i be able to get 2mb?


Should i be able to get 2mb?

A few months ago my line was set to the maximum it was supposed to be able to handle but it has only been set to 1MB.

Ive just got a new router recently and it shows me more info on attenuation etc,

it currently says this...

Noise Margin:36db
Output Power:20dbm
Attenuation: 26.5db

Noise Margin:31db
Output Power:10.5dbm

Shouldnt that be fine for 2MB?


Should i be able to get 2mb?

You are well within spec for 2Mb connection.

You can either wait for the free upgrade, but that could be November, or raise a ticket and ask for a manual upgrade now, which will cost you £14.99.

Should i be able to get 2mb?

cheers for the info!

Might see if plusnet will regrade it for free as the stats were the same before when i asked them to set the connection to maximum speed

My old router only showed the downstream stats but they were the same as this new router is reporting, gutted Sad

EDIT: had this reply from PN

Although those figures look ok for 2mb there may be other factors stopping you from getting it, You may have aluminium in your telephone line for example.

whats aluminium gotta do with it?
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Should i be able to get 2mb?

For a while when copper was very expensive bt used aluminiun instead of copper for some lines,voice works fine but adsl does not so well.
Having said that I thought the aluminium increased the attenuation and would therefore reflect in your line stats.
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Should i be able to get 2mb?

Mmmm, aluminium in your line.....interesting that is. Only I took a peek at the incoming wires in the NTE5 box and they were aluminium :shock: , This may explain why I get 52dB attn downstream, even though I live less than 1Km from the exchange (I know the actual line length will be more than this, but surely they wouldn't unwrap 5Km of wire just to connect me :lol: ).

Anyway, does anyone know if the aluminum cores were used for the connection from the pole to your house, or all the way to the exchange?

Of course, it may not be the aluminium causing the high attn, but if it isthen I'd be happier knowing what the problem is.

I hope you get your upgrade m8, cos like fletchdsl said, you would expect the aluminium to increase your attn. If they haven't tried you on 2Mb, then how do they know it won't work :roll: