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Should I get 30% speed during peak?


Should I get 30% speed during peak?

During peak hours my connection speed is about 1/3rd of what it is during off peak hours. This is confirmed through both's speed tester and the bt speedtester. In peak time I get about 1.6/1.8mbps but off peak I get about 5.5mbps.

Is this normal?
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Should I get 30% speed during peak?

Are you on BB+, if so see this thread in Comm Support

Also have you checked your exchange, as exchange contention at peak times may be a cause for this, but its more likely this issues alot of us are seeing at the moment.

Should I get 30% speed during peak?

Hi and thanks for the reply.

Yes I should have said that I am on BB+. Thanks for that link, it was very useful. I've now subscribed to the rss feed Hopefuly they will sort out this problem for everyone rather than on an individual basis.


Should I get 30% speed during peak?

Hi mammoo1,

If you can get a 1.6Mbps downstream data rate during peak hours, you do not have any problem. This is a perfectly healthy data rate.

A lot of people are currently experiencing only a fraction of that speed.

Your connection is contended/shared with 50 other lines at the telephone exchange - if all 50 users happened to be downloading at the same time (unlikely) you would see your data rate drop to only 160Kbps, yet you are getting ten times this speed.

There's virtualy nothing that you can do online with 5.5Mbps that you couldn't do just as well with 1.6Mbps - so I wouldn't give speed testing a second thought, unless you notice that it is impacting your online activities in some way.