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Just did a ranting post 2 mins ago, but now having read some of the earlier topics, I feel that I need to say more too!

I have been with plusnet for a year come next month, everything was going reasonably well until April, when we moved house. Thats when the NIGHTMARE started!!! Long story short they completely cocked the move up! They cut us off early, and couldn't reconnect! When we did finally move house, it took a further 3 weeks to connect, so in total 3-4 weeks without any service! After numerous attempts trying to get through speaking to very rude customer service advisors, it was eventually sorted only after demanding to spk to a manager (which the advisor initially promptly refused!)

Judging by the fact that I was nearly 9 mths pregnant, my waters nearly broke with utter rage!!! Finally we got back online, and they managed to offer some form of compensation!

We had already decided in our minds, that we would be cancelling come the end of the years contract, which I had already confirmed with the manager when that was up, etc, etc

Now we are coming to that point,we sent an email asking to confirm the exact end date, and info re the mac code, etc.
Only to be told they are going to charge us £130!!! Like so many of you, have tried calling the usual crappy numbers
which are on a loop and is impossible to get through to ANYONE!
Finally we got to a Sales advisor, who was extremely rude, his name was Will (by the way) who absolutely refused to do anything and wouldn't put us through to a mgr, my partner I thought was going to lose the plot he was that angry!
This advisor then told us that we were contracted in for 5 years!!!!!!!!!!! We have had no mention of this EVER!! Not even when we spoke to several people including that previous manager back in April, when I have asked about our contracts!!

We are soooo incensed that I am seriously thinking of contacting Watchdog over this company, especially now I have read some of the other topics in this forum!!! Hw can they get away with this?

We have sent an email demanding someone from so-called customer service to call us re this new info we have just been told, if we dont get this call, then we will have no choice to also cancel our direct debit with the bank.

This company so sucks!!!!!!!

So yet again another crappy story to add to this forum!!!

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Firstly I would strongly advise against cancelling your direct debit as this will only make matters worse for you, by doing so PN can threaten you with court action if you do not pay your bills.

Moving your broadband to a new house is full and I mean full of problems with the majority of them being BT's fault.

When you moved house I assume you chose "Let us cover the cost†" In the terms and conditions that you accepted when you chose that option it states that if you leave in under 6 years you have to pay part of the cost that BT charge PN for you to move house.

On top of that I assume you deffered your activation ("you stay we pay") costs which again in the terms and conditions you accepted it states that if you leave in under 6 years you have to pay part of the costs charged to PN by BT.

For every year you stay with PlusNet we'll guarantee that the cancellation cost decreases. What does this mean? If you cancel within the first year, then you will pay £47 for the activation. For every year you stay we'll reduce this by £9.40. If you also choose to take a modem as part of the offer there will be an additional cancellation fee of £25 in the first year and this will reduce by £5 for each year that you stay.

This is what adds up to give you the amount that you PN are reuqesting in return for a MAC key