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Shared line (DACS) and adsl


Shared line (DACS) and adsl

Hi all.

A friend of mine has decided to take the plunge on 6th september when the extended reach program comes into effect and get broadband.

HOWEVER, a check on BTs line checker tells him that he may have a line sharing device fitted to his line. I am assuming here that it means he has been DACSed (2 lines using the 1 twisted pair).

(His house is a recently built one in the grounds of a second house out in the country, so that is the likely conclusion).

What we need to know is:

Is there a way to get BT to remove the DACS box and get a dedicated line so that he can get broadband into his house?

Thanks for your time guys
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Shared line (DACS) and adsl


Think it will still be the case that the DACS will be removed as part of activating ADSL. Activation may take slightly longer than normal depending on the location of the DACS unit.

Tell him to apply .

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Shared line (DACS) and adsl

DACs is not compatible with ADSL so when you apply for ADSL and DACs exists. it will be removed by BT. This will mean it may talk longer than the normal 7->10 days to get it.

The only issue is whether there are any spare lines available so both houses can have their own line. If this is an issue and it would cost too much to install a new line, you may be one of the unfortunate 0.4% that will not be able to get ADSL from BT.

The only way to find out is to apply for ADSL and see what happens.
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Shared line (DACS) and adsl

If you apply then the order will fail and you'll have to contact BT direct. At least this is what I had to do at work cos we have a DACS unit to share CC and Fax lines.

Shared line (DACS) and adsl

You can still apply even if the test says that there is a DACS. According to the test we had a DACS at our house and it still let me apply. BT came out to remove it and discovered that tehy had aleady removed it when we got Caller ID a couple of years ago (Caller Id is also incompatible with DACS).

Plus.Net will refund your connection fee etc if you cannot be connected (at least that's what they told me!) so you've got nothing to lose. Go for it!