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Shared PC browsing problem


Shared PC browsing problem

My ADSL connection has just gone live and I can browse with no problem, but other users on this PC (using their own logins) cannot.

They get an error in IE saying:
You were denied access because:
Access denied by access control list.

Yet they can browse if they connect via a dial-up.

I'm using Win XP and the PlusNet-supplied router.

Any ideas, anyone?


Shared PC browsing problem

Forget it - I found the problem. There was a proxy set in IE for the other users.

Shared PC browsing problem

By any chance have you switched from a Freeserve Dialup?

If not, I sugest running software like AdAware and SpyBot Search and Destroy. This is a good idea anyhow.

A proxy server being listed can point to setings left behind by a previous ISP. In other curcumstances. it is caused byt SpyWare proxying your data, and at the same time, logging activity.