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Setup of modem/router for vpn use


Setup of modem/router for vpn use

I have a query, i need to setup a netgear dg632 modem/router to have a static ip address and be visible as that static ip address from the Lan. We use watchguard Soho's to VPN across the www, these require a static IP address and subnet for the modem.
I have set the modem router as a modem as i dont require dhcp/NAT or its firewall, i have changed the LAN ip address of the modem to that of the static ip address of the modem (issued by isp), but when i go to enter the WAN static ip address of the modem it ask for the IP address (easy) the subnet, which it wont let me put in the .252 ending as we have 4 static IP's, and finally asks for a gateway ip address?

my questions are:
1. am i doing this correctly, should it be a modem or should it be a router?
2. i can enter the modem's static ip address, but not the correct subnet. does this matter?
3. the gateway ip address i presume is the address of the ISP, do i need to enter this?

errrr..... i think thats it!

Any help would be most appreciated.


Setup of modem/router for vpn use

Well that is the correct subnet address for a 4 IP block. I'd ask watchguard for further support as the subnet mask is perfectly valid and is used often. The only thing I can think of is are you putting in the correct IP for the LAN address of the router, Your very first IP is the network address and the last is your broadcast address. Your router should be the second IP address in your range, and the external interface of your firewall(on the side facing the router) should be the third IP address in your range. EG.

If you have the IP range, would be your subnet address which isnt a valid address for a host. would be your routers IP address would be the IP address for your watchgard firewall would be the broadcast address for your network which is invalid as a host address.

Setup of modem/router for vpn use

thanks for you reply.
To carry on a little further, i have set the mode to modem, rather than router as the only devise visible from outside should be the firewall which is connected to it, then set the static ip address of the modem to .65 (in your example), but, this is where it goes wrong a little, it wont let me change the subnet to .252, and just stays as .255!
I have changed the Lan IP address of the modem to .65 too, and the subnet to .252, this could be changed!

I have then set the (i have just used the PC for the moment, rather than the firewall as its easier) ip of the device connected to the modem to .66 and subnet of .252, and the gateway to .65.

At the moment this is working on the web.

when i connected the firewall in and moved the settings over to it, it didnt work! do i need to change the gateway to .64 and the subnet to .255 (also changing the modem Lan subnet to .255) ?

So far not to impressed with netgear stuff! and there support line isnt to helpful either.


Setup of modem/router for vpn use

I am not too sure what you mean by modem mode (Is this on the firewall or the router?). If you router then surely it should be in router mode. This might be why you are having problems with the subnet mask. With a modem the modem would have a single IP with a mask this basically just means that the interface is the only IP on that particular network,

Setup of modem/router for vpn use

the modem / router can be switched between modem & router. router has all the routing functions, and firewall, nat etc. the modem is no-nat and for when you are using it with just one machine.
I have also just tried the same thing but in router mode and it still wont let me enter the subnet mask, it has already filled it in! even when the modem/router uses its wizard to detect the wan settings it picks up .255, rather than the .252.

this is starting to really annoy me as it shouldnt be a problem asn it is!
i am starting to wonder if i have bought the wrong product!

please tell me there is a sensible logical answer and that this device should be able to do the job.