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Settings For MS Exchange 2000 ?


Settings For MS Exchange 2000 ?

I have a fixed IP address now and am setting up exchange server on my LAN. Can someone give me a rundown of the settings required so that I can send and receive mail via SMTP

The domain I have registered is: so I need all mail at '' to be delivered to my mail server.

Not too clear on how I setup the MX records either

Any help greatly appreciated?

Dont use MX

If I were you I wouldn't change the MX records unless you're absolutely positive that your server will be up 100%. If you change the Mail eXchange records, then any mail sent to you will be sent straight to your server, so if your exchange server, domain controller and internet connection aren't up then it'll be bounced!

A better solution is to use Exchange SMTP Relay - Plusnet supports this as far as I know. Just set up your Exchange Server to collect mail from Plusnet either via SMTP, or you could use a POP3 connector like POPCON. As for sending, you can send via Plusnet's smarthost, or use DNS to send mail.
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Settings For MS Exchange 2000 ?

Hi there,

If you set you domain to SMTP and add the following two records to your domain (format is left -- type -- priority -- right):

    mail -- A -- (blank) -- (IP address of your server)

    (blank) -- MX -- 5 -- mail

This will set it so that mail will try to go directly to your mail server first of all, and if this fails because you are configured incorrectly or offline it will queue on autoturn here. You can then download when you want.