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Setting up an xbox?


Setting up an xbox?

Hello, I have just got my connection working on my Dlink DSL-300T ethernet modem, the PC will work through it OK.

However, the Xbox will not.

Unplugging the PC & then plugging the Xbox in I get cables connected OK, but DNS servers not resolved.

Do I have to emulate the PC MAC address onto the Xbox with this setup?

Does the xbox to modem cable need to be crossover or straight through?

Do I need to make any other settings in the xbox? it mentions that it uses PPOE? is this a problem as the modem connection uses PPOA ?


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Setting up an xbox?

There have been many threads discussion this very issue. Try searching for xbox and you should find the info you need.

Setting up an xbox?

I did but I couldn't find any with the same issues.

The cable, I found at 01:30 should be straight through.

Setting up an xbox?

Is the crossover cable going through ur pc then 2 the ethernet modem. If so you need to enable internet sharing. You need a stright one if u have a router.

Pm for more help

Setting up an xbox?

I can get the Dlink DSL-300T modem to work when connected with a straight through lead to the PC, providing I boot the PC (win98SE) with the modem on etc.

If I unplug the PC & connect the xbox with a straight through lead I get cables checked OK, IP OK but DNS is in error.
(I cannot remember if I tried rebooting the modem after switching the cables?)

However, the xbox does say that it needs PPOE to work, yet plusnet connects via PPOA.
(given that I do not really understand what either mean).

However, the modem says that it supports both. (I think)

If the modem is acting as a DHCP server, does the Xbox need to have anything to do with the PPOE bit?

The same goes for a Linksys BSFR41 V2 cable/DSL 4 port router.
I want to be able to plug this into the modem & then plug the xbox & pc's into that.
However, when I unplug the PC from the modem & plug the modem O/P into the router WAN port, then the PC into ports 1-4 (even if I reboot) I cannot see the net (I'm lucky if I get to talk to the router).

It was "hair pulling out" time last night!

The Router does not support PPOA.
I have seen elsewhere that if the modem has a DHCP server turned on, it should not need to & should work.

/me puzzled, puddled & confused.

Setting up an xbox?

Before I get told off, I did start a thread asking about getting the modem & router to work together here.

This was meant to be specific about just plugging in the xbox to try it, I'd rather get the other thread sorted out with everything on.