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Setting up an email redirect

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Setting up an email redirect

I've also posted about this in Community Support, but need an answer asap! (sorry if this is not netiquette).

Next Saturday, I want to be able to redirect 2 of my Plusnet mailbox emails to 2 different, external email address which have an autoresponder on them.

I just went through Pnet's video and help assistant for redirects.

It says:

1) they "cannot set up a mailbox and redirect for the same alias" and that

2) they are "unable to redirect all email"

... please can someone translate these things for me in easy to understand English? I can't be that stupid but I do feel stumped.

Anyone from Pnet tech help online? I still can't phone the premium support number (number unavailable) even though I'm still being told to do that via the 0845 Black Hole.

Thanks someone ....... anyone!!


Setting up an email redirect

Hi there.

I am locking this one in favour of the thread in Community Support.

Please dont cross post. Apart from being against the rules, it can cause duplication and confusion.

Thanks Smiley