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Setting up an FTP server


Setting up an FTP server

How do I configure an ftp server on the following setup:
2 pcs on a Netgear DG814 router, I have a static ip for the router and it is set as a DHCP host for my 2 pcs.
I have my ftp server software setup on 1 pc, how do I make it visible to the people who need to see it?

I'm very new to this router/firewall malarky.

Setting up an FTP server

You need to use port forwarding. On the machine which has the FTP server running on it press

Start  > Run > type "Command" > type "ipconfig" in the black box which appears

This tells you the internal IP.

Then in the router setup [usually accessible through or similar] setup port forwarding for port 21 to whatever IP you found out above.

Setting up port forwarding

Once you're in your router's setup [] follow these steps to add the FTP port to be forwarded :

1/ From the main menu of the router configuration, click "Advanced" and then "Port forwarding".

You should see a screen like this [may not be exactly the same, depending on firmware version].

2/ I will assume your FTP is running on the default port [21] so just

-Change the drop down menu under "Service & Game" to "FTP".

-Where it says "Server IP Address" enter the IP of the PC running the FTP server [which we found out above /\].

-Finally, press "Add Server".

This should add the port, and your FTP will now be accessible by people outside of your network.

*NOTE* : Inside of your network, you will not be able to access the ftp using the same address as people outside the network would. You must use the internal IP [the same one we found through ipconfig]. I'm not sure why, but it's something to do with NAT.

For example...: I use to access my FTP server, but people outside of my network use

You can test that your FTP is working by going to and entering your server details - this is basically a person outside of your network connecting, so it tests the port forwarding.

Any further queries, don't hesitate Smiley