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Setting up adsl


Setting up adsl

Im sorry if this sounds really stupid, but can anyone please tell me how to actually set up the adsl connection?? (I'm 16, and my dad is in holland working now, and i dont have a clue really)

We got a generic adsl modem router with a built-in 4 port switch about a month ago, with the idea to set up a home network and, at a later date, add an adsl connection to all of them. The network works fine; all computers can be seen ok etc, data can be transferred...

However, now we have the line activated, i cannot set up the account in Internet Explorer or anywhere. The manual says that a dialler box should appear, in which you enter username etc and then set up thne modem. BUT, this does not appear anywhere.

There are 3 computers, all running 98se, with all network cards etc.

Thank you in advance for any help with this

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Setting up adsl

You would normally call up your router using Internet Explorer and entering 192,168,0,1 yours may be different but check any documents you have.

This should then bring up a page requesting name and password.
possible set to admin and admim Again check documentation)

once you have entered the page the setup will then require your Plusnet user name and Password.
Hope this helps.

Setting up adsl

ok, thanx
ill give that a shot and come back l8a