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Setting up a new DUn with XP (Help!)


Setting up a new DUn with XP (Help!)

Many thanks in advance for guidance here.

I need some help, not for me, for a relative (also on Plusnet) who is about to throw his PC through the window. Here's the gist of it:-

1. Running WinXP, has ADSL and external modem.
2. Has some Windows gripes and decides to re-install windows over the top of current install. (eek)
3. Loses various settings as a result, including his DUN connection for ADSL
4. Tries to set a new one up through "new connection wizard" and it won't let him.
5. Reason seems to be that the box that says "BB connection that requires uname and password" is greyed out - he only has the option of "always on BB".
6. If he carries on regardless, the wizard finishes and he has no DUN icon to connect with.

I'm sure I had this problem myself many moons ago but can't for the life of me remember how it was fixed. I think Plusnet support helpdesk guided me through it. He's rung Plusnet, but they've basically told him to go away as he never bought the adsl modem from them. Fair enough I guess, but this isn't a modem issue, it's XP I think.

Help really appreciated, by him, through me, to you. He would have posted himself, but of course, he can't connect to do it.

Thanks again.