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Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam


Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

So I'm new to networking, and I'm bored so ill babble on a bit...

I got a Netgear DM 602 modem/router a few months back it was a mystery to get working but made it with the help of John and Eurotrain6 and the visitor from force9 and anyone else who helped!

But back then 2 months ago I also got a Belkin 4 port cable/dsl gateway router so I could share my internet connection with more than one PC as the DM 602 only has one port... I know I should of bought a hub, but I didn't know anything back then about networking and I was sold this thingy, which I just installed the other day as I didn't have any cat5 cables until now.

Right, now the good part is I'm protected by my zonealarm pro firewall, then the DM602 nat, now I've added this, I have further protection as I'm now behind yet another firewall and gateway.

Its all complicated! I suppose if I wanted to just surf web pages it would be great, no hacker can get me so easily, even I cant access my own pc! lol.

Right.. so the DM602 gives me IP/gateway of
then this belkin dsl sharing device gives me another gateway of
and here comes the annoying part, it all works fine, apart I cant access anything outside the network, even if I port forward on both the DM602 and the Belkin gateway it makes no diff, they both have different IP numbers and its all complicated!.

I got an Axis 2100 network cam, wanted one for a few years, not just cause Plusnet have them Wink had to run a DOS window then type in the IP i wanted it on, then the serial number which you make into a MAC address like 00-40-5c-88 etc........ that's not the real one btw! then you add the IP of the gateway, then -s or -sr and ping till nothing comes back...... then you connect the camera and bingo it finds its IP addy! nice.. even nicer if it worked outside a nework Sad

It works but only on the network, cant access it from outside.

Right, so my best thing to do would be...... keep the DM602 and take off the other 4 port Belkin gateway/router then I will only have one network address and not locked behind 2 different ones.....
and erm... just add a belkin 10/100 5 port network switch to my existing DM602 is this correct?

I add it to the single port on the router to give me 4 outputs instead of 1, and my IP of will remain the same?

and I can network and share this way, and get the Axis 2100 network cam working on a hub too right?

Hmmm the man from Novatech told me to buy that Belkin gateway same time I was buying the DM602, a bit daft as they sure give you better protection from hackers..... but its not possible to run web servers or anything.
not with 2 different gateways and 2 diff numbers or is it??.

Anyway I think I guessed right, I'll buy that belkin 5 port network switch and add it to the single port Netgear DM602......

Phew... if I'm wrong someone tell me!
I'm just new to all this networking really.

Night Cheesy

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

Keep the equipment you've got -- it should work perfectly well for what you want to do!

Do you know which port outside users need to address to view your webcam? (Which port do you use to view it from inside your network?)

At the DM602 you need to forward this port to the WAN address used by the Belkin. At the Belkin, you need to forward the port to the address used by the webcam.

The only other consideration might be firewall issues, but apart from that, that should be it!

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam


Ok well I tried to get through to Novatech all day the phones were busy, and now they are closed.

I don't wish to buy anything else i.e.: switches, hubs.. unless I know I'm buying the right thing.

What I want basically is to turn the 1 port DM602 into a four port, so I can connect everything, the current Belkin 4-port Cable/Dsl gateway router has everything working, but it just wont let the outside world access anything.

When I've only the DM602 connected I simply port forward and it all works, that's why I was looking for something simple, just to give me four ports and work off the DM602.

The Axis 2100 is set-up on port 80, but it can be changed to any port.

I was wanting to ask Novatech if I was to buy a Switch, a device that lets computers connect with 4 ports belkin make it and its the same as the one I bought, only it doesn't have the gateway.

Then there is hubs... I'm not sure what it is I'm looking for, to make the DM602 into 4 ports instead of 1. is it a switch or a hub?.

But ok I will try what you said, what I was doing before was port forwarding on the DM602 for example, open port 80, then on the Belkin gateway I would open port 80 on that too, but no matter what I tried, didn't access the outside.

I used a shoutcast server to experiment as I was getting tired trying other computer at the dialup.

So I ran SHOUTcast on port 8000 then forwarded the ports on both DM602 and Belkin gateway, but the would always come back with message saying cannot see your machine then the IP addy of my plusnet account, saying please disable NAT sharing/firewall etc...

Its a bit complicated as opening up the ports on the DM602 is quite easy, but when you have that on then it goes into the Belkin gateway which is then it gets complicated a bit, as there is two different IP numbers.

Wish i had bought a modem/router with more than 1 port, would have made things easier.

I haven't tried what you said yet but I will after dinner, and see how that goes, I actually took the belkin off, and am just using my DM602 at present as I was getting tired of things not working, I was locked in.

Thanks alot for replying back again Taskforce!..., and ill let you know later how it goes!

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

Its a bit complicated as opening up the ports on the DM602 is quite easy, but when you have that on then it goes into the Belkin gateway which is then it gets complicated a bit, as there is two different IP numbers.

Yes, the Belkin has two different IP addresses, and if the DM602 has address (on its LAN interface), then the Belkin should have a 192.168.0 address on its WAN interface, and it's to this address that the DM602 should forward the port 80 traffic. The Belkin should then be configured to forward port 80 to the IP address being used by the Axis 2100 (which, presumably, is a 192.168.2 address, given that the Belkin has address on its LAN interface).

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

I've just networked the cables to the Belkin again, the main WAN port on Belkin, well the DM602 goes into that, the other 4 ports I attach to computers or whatever I'm going to use. (Ive got it running let me talk you through what i did though for other users incase any future users benifit from this)

Ok Taskforce9 you already know the DM602 works on
and it would give to my computer an IP addy if

Right now that I've unplugged it all, and attached the cables DM602 goes into WAN on Belkin, and the others to the computers and Axis cam.

Plugged in the DM602 first, waited 10 seconds till it locked,
then plugged in the Belkin, you get the power light,
then boot up all the computers or whatever one you wish ...
the Belkin then all lights up light a Pilots control panel with lights Wink
to tell you what's all connected on each port. you will know what I mean.

Zonealarm then detects the new network gateway of
you allow it and name it, then click ok.

That's it all set up.

Now here was the hard part you have just figured that I couldn't,
you got to the DM602 admin page, go to port forwarding and set port say 8010 as that's what I'm using to see if it goes outside to the net with a SHOUTcast server, normally it tells me " gave extended error (Cannot see your station/computer (IP: from the Internet, disable Internet Sharing/NAT/firewall/ISP cache (Connection timed out))"

That's from my log file on SHOUTcast.

Right so back to admin on DM602 you port forward 8010 to the IP addy which is the addy the Belkin uses as the WAN.

click apply.

Then go to admin on Belkin, select Special Application Ports
and add 8010 you don't have to add an IP number on this one for some reason.
unless you want to use the DMZ setting which means bypassing firewall.
no thanks Tongue

Ok so I click apply.

The SHOUTcast server after a few seconds is now accepted by yp.
as below:

<12/09/03@01:21:21> [yp_add] gave error (nak)
<12/09/03@01:21:21> [yp_add] gave extended error (Cannot see your station/computer (IP: from the Internet, disable Internet Sharing/NAT/firewall/ISP cache (Connection timed out))
<12/09/03@01:26:21> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 0)[L: 1]{A: SHOUTcast Directory Tester}(P: 0)
<12/09/03@01:26:21> [dest:] connection closed (0 seconds) (UID: 0)[L: 0]{Bytes: 8192}(P: 0)
<12/09/03@01:26:22> [yp_add] added me successfully

So you've done it again my friend I now know its working!
if SHOUTcast accepted my connection then the outside world can see me on this port Smiley

Well done Taskforce9, you are clever!
god what would I do without the help on these forums Smiley

Good thing other people can read the posts and use the information if they get into difficulty too!.

Right now I'm going to try the Axis Cam on my Fish Tank or something as I don't have it up on the wall or pointing at the Christmas trees yet outside.

Thank alot for getting me running mate, and ill post back when I've got this Axis cam running and you can have a look if you want.

Btw the setting for the Belkin were:

Belkin Gateway Router




Cable/DSL :
Subnet Mask:
Gateway IP:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP Server: Enabled
NAT: Enabled
Firewall: Enabled
Connected Clients: 1
Runtime Code Version: V1.20.000
Boot Code Version:
LAN MAC Address:
WAN MAC Address:
Hardware Version: R01
Serial Num: (removed)

Yeah this looks good, I just hope after I re-boot which I haven't done yet that I done lose anything.

I'll write back here when I've got that cam working!
thanks again Smiley

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

Right the Axis 2100 works on port 80, on so i'll port forward that on DM602 then same port forward on Belkin same as i did the SHOUTcast only add the different IP to that port and should work ?.

Give me a sec till i reboot everything.

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

The SHOUTcast server didn't work because I opened up 8010
on the Belkin as I had thought, it was because the DMZ server was on,
and set to my PC's IP (the one the belkin gives it)
so the DMZ setting was bypassing all the firewall and stuff just to open up the whole computer, that's why it worked.

When I turned the DMZ off and just left port open for 8010
it did the previous, cannot see your computer.. etc.. as above on earlier post.

So this Belkin is hard to get ports working, I cant figure it out, seems only way is to use the DMZ setting and open up the target IP addy.

But will this not expose me to hackers? will the netgear or the zonealarm firewall still protect me?
bearing in mind I told zonealarm it was safe to let files share on my network,
so does this mean if I leave open DMZ on the computer addy IP
that zonealarm will no protect me?.

Anyway lets move on,
I then set the DMZ to the IP of the Axis cam and its server.

But still nothing comes up on the outside network, I try access it using my main plusnet IP this is correct right?.

on the port it works on... but all I get is a dead link.

Only way I have had luck with the Axis cam is to set it to upload images to a webserver other than its on, by ftp.

Which works but its not the same as accessing the cams server, as you get 10 fps motion video and the built in server can hold 10 connections.
so its ok for a low hit site.

The ftp mode is for high hit sites.....

It's annoying wish I could work this one out, the Axis manual tells you nothing about config or setting up other than the basic setting its IP addy up.

It tell you nothing about how to use the admin controls to set things.
but since it does work on the internal network and on FTP upload,
the direct access to it which I'm looking at, same as Plusnet have there's set,
I think its to do with I'm not entering something on the Belkin correctly,
and its probably something very simple..... grrrr.

Unless its just one of those things that will never work because the Belkin is so locked in.

I have no idea. but I'll keep trying! Evil

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

I've had a look at the User Guide for the Belkin F5D5231-4 4-port Cable/DSL Gateway Router, which I hope is either the model you have or a similar model.

As far as I can see, port forwarding is configured from the Firewall/Virtual Servers screen. To add an entry, identify an empty row, and add the following: Description: a name for the entry (eg "Webcam"); Inbound port: "8010" according to your original plan; Type: select "TCP", Private IP address: complete the last number in the address ("200"); Private Port: the port used by the webcam ("80"). Finally, check "Enable" and press the "Apply Changes" button. Apparently you can only have one entry per internal IP address, so make sure there are no others for the Webcam.

Assuming the DM602 is forwarding inbound traffic arriving on port 8010 to port 8010 at the Belkin's WAN interface, the Belkin should then forward it to port 80 at the Webcam's IP local address.

As a general rule this cannot be checked by trying it from your own machines inside your network -- you need someone from outside to try it and tell you whether it worked.

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

Hi taskforce9 Smiley

Thanks for the help once again!

the Belkin I have is F5D5230-4 4-Port Cable/DSL Gateway Router
that's the instruction book number I have.
so is the same!.

Ok I'm going to try what you've explained now and see how it goes,
I'll post back results when I've done this,

I know about the internal test, the computer I was testing on
was a laptop (with a stress fracture on the lid) plugged into
a the wall using dialup, so was on outside of network! but that's another story, I got a notebook
last year from Novatech and it keeps cracking on the top lid,
I send it back to get fixed and after a few weeks its cracked again.
prob more likely a heat fracture (internal fault) Sad anyway that's off topic.

Back later! Smiley

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

Hmm how silly am I?

You were right again...... Virtual Server
was the right one, well I have the SHOUTcast server up on port 8010 working,
so the cam should work now too, I'll just check.

I wasn't using the Virtual Server
part I left that blank and used just the Special Application Ports
to enter the port numbers Shockedops:

If you can see my fish tank its working!
I'm just away to test on the dialup modem using laptop.

edit: 10:22 pm.

Everything is now working fine now, Thanks for all your help again
Taskforce9 Smiley If you wish to see the Axis 2100 working
Go here: its on port 80 for now
so that will work it.

I was just thinking, i can't run my webserver now can i?.
even if its on a different PC the same network cant all share port 80 ?.

I will change the camera port later for now i dont need my webserver running anyway.

Cheers! Cheesy

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

Yes: I can see the BigBrother House and the BigBrother bike, but no BigBrother Fish Tank!

You can keep the webcam and your webserver both using port 80 locally, but external users cannot access them both as <your public IP address>:80 -- at least one of them would have to change (and the public would need some way of "knowing" which port to use).

The easiest thing would be to keep your webserver on port 80 externally (where it's expected to be), and then provide a link on a webpage to the webcam, which would then change to the relevant port, eg:
    <a href="">WebCam</a>
which would make port 8010 the one you need to forward for the webcam. Then, in the Virtual Server settings at the Belkin router, specify "Inbound port: 8010" but "Private port: 80" so it relays the traffic to the correct final port for the webcam.

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

Ok I've got you now.

It's all easy now I know what to do!.

Hard though when I didn't Tongue

Right I've just done that then left it locally port 80,
and port 8070 for public, as I want the 8010 for shoutcast testing.
and as you said the web server will run locally on 80
as its another machine, so I forward that to 80 for public.
Then I can run it whenever I need to.

So URL is now:

lol at bigbrother bike, hehe
that's at the top of the stairs, fish tank is at side.
I had it set there most of last night, ill set it on the tank again in a min.

Couldn't think of a name for the cam so Big Brother came to mind!

Thanks mate!
Cheers for all your help on getting everything working,
much appreciated Cheesy

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

Hi There,

I have a very similar problem, and wondered if either of you could help.

Ive got an Axis 2120, and basically want to set it up for access from the outside.

Ill write more details when I know your still out there.

Hope to hear soon Paul

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

Still here: post away!

Setting up a network of computers and network axis 2100 cam

Hi There,

Ive got an Axis 2120, and am able to set it up locally so it works on my Lan. Obvioulsly the main aim is to get it working on both.

After trying to raise a ticket and ask Plus support via the wizard I didnt recieve any usefull information at all, and gettinga bit desperate now.

Plus recommended using another Ip address. Now I have set it up using this Ip address but am not sure if it is working or not from the outside world.

I have a standard crap ADSL router which is over a year old supplied by Plus.

I tried port forwarding similar to what you had donr prior to reading your posts but was unable to get it working.

Also Since Plus gave me the new Ip addresses it I have lost access to my communication service fwd.pulver which is setup on MSN messgenger.

Dont know where to start really I feel like Ive tried most things, but when I ask for help from the support team they say contact Axis, but I know how to configure the Axis thats not a problem its getting to it, whether that be via port forwarding or by using the Internet Ip address above.

Plus gave me a Block of 4 220 being network, 221 router 222 spare..(Axis) and 223 broadcast.

Hope this helps, but looking at what you said before I was right and shouldnt need the extra Ip address to get it working ?