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Service Delivery Problems


Service Delivery Problems

I'm wondering if anyone has had painfully long delays getting ADSL ?

I ordered ADSL on 12th of May, the local BT exchange went live on 14th of May and as yet I have had no positive news on when I'm to be connected !

I've raised a "ticket" with support and haven't had a straight answer yet.

If BT or Plusnet have made a mess of the order I wish someone would just own-up!

Meanwhile someone's got my £70.50 connection charge and I've got nothing to show for it.

I can't even order up hardware yet in case the line's not ADSL capable.

Also are BT connecting their own customers first as I've heard that people who have ordered ADSL after me are already connected ?

To sum up..... Not Impressed.
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Service Delivery Problems

the rule of thumb was when getting DSL at 7 working days start pestering PN, now with the forum they cant hide so you can PM them as well Wink
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Service Delivery Problems

I wouldn't recommend PMing people from PlusNet. If you want support or assistance you should always use contact us, then you and they have an accountable record of your request.

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Service Delivery Problems

I had a major headache getting ADSL, having ordered days before the exchange was enabled. It worked out that BT Wholesale were rejecting my order for a number of reasons, which were not being correctly interpreted by +net.

Under normal circumstances you can either get ADSL or not, but around the time when the entire exchange is enabled you enter the twilight zone. It does work in the end, and very well, but I had to wait a month.

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Service Delivery Problems

Hi notxap,

I can see that your order has been delayed for an unusually long time - your query is, however, currently with our provisioning team and they will be adding further information onto your ticket shortly.