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Seriously annoyed....


Seriously annoyed....

Hi all,

I have just spoken to customer service and found out some serious interesting info and I am extremely miffed about.

I have been waiting to get activated since the end of September and basically have had enough now they have told me that I have to wait at least another 7 days until they will even call BT to find out what is going on. (This is one of many issues I have had)

I was told that a, as my line had not bee activated yet I would not be able to mirgate without the mirgration fees.

I was also told that if I leave Plusnet before 5 YEARS!!! I would have to pay back the activation fee of £47.50.

Also, if I left before 5 YEARS I would have to pay £25 for the modem.

Apprently this is all in some small print at some point. Be honest, who reads the pages and pages of small print? Not many becuase people are naturally inclinded to think that companies will act FAIRLY and bring these to you attension and not sue the work FREE when tehy actually mean FREE if you stay with us for five years.

Now is it me or do other people think that this is A, totlally unclear and B, totally out or order?

Now I have been told the best thing I can do is wait at least these 7 days to see if I can get activated as to go elsewhere, so at least I don't have to pay the mirgation fee, but that doesn't mean that on the whole it is nor clear what people are getting them selves into. (or if like me, can't get themselves out of and are currently in broadband limbo)

So, I feel that these issues, and others, about getting out of a contract which is obviously NOT giving the service it promises, should be looked at and possibly essculated (With both plusnet themsleves and other if it comes to it, Trading standard etc)

If you are interested in helping with this, please could you e-mail you issues and the result of these issues, to the following address:-

I will personally them keep you up todate with what I am doing and to see if anything can be done.

I am not normally one for Pertisions etc, etc, but this has could me so annoyed. I don't know if this is worth doing but we will see hey?


Seriously annoyed....

Hi there Nadine,

Sory to hear that your problems continue.

Can I just clarify. Have you actually been activated but cant get online, or are you still awaiting BT's line activation?

I am sure you mentioned it in a previous post (too lazy to check Smiley ), but could you remind me which product you have signed up to.

Seriously annoyed....

HI Pcsni,

Basically, They put an order through for 2mb (I could have told them I can only get 1mb!) Waited for BT to tell them I couldn;t have it.

They had to wait for that order to clear before they put one in for 1mb. They out the order in. I only got an activation date by asking them. this was them missed, tey will not contact them for another 7 days to even see WHEN it will be likely.

I them told them I was fed up waiting (3.5 weeks so far) and from what I have read else where the service I would get if and when it was up and working is questionable, I wanted to cancel, I was then told the rest.

I know that mine is by no means the worst case but it was the hidden charges etc that really peed me off! I feel that yes, tehy may be within the law with there small print but way out of the law where it comes to fairness!
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Seriously annoyed....

The details for "You Stay We Pay" aren't particularly hiden away. This page explains it quite plainly and is linked to from the signup page where it talks about the deferred payments.


Seriously annoyed....

I didn;t see that anywhere??!!

Perhaps it is me then!

Seriously annoyed....

I had HUGE issues like that with BT and BULLDOG (so much I wound up on BBC Watchdog whining about it)....Thankfully I didn't share the same issues when joining Plust Net. It's been a smooth transition.

But I do empathise with your challenges as I was without a PHONE for 2+ weeks thanks to Bulldog and nearly one month without DSL (since Bulldog hijacked it off BT)...which is bad because I run a website for a living and that's like being LOCKED OUT OF YOUR OFFICE. Evil

It leaves a real sour taste in your mouth when you get poor customer service. I was annoyed too.

Have yet to hear back from BT or Broadband about my issues...if they don't get in touch soon - more complaints will be going to OFCOM or OFTEL.

It pays to complain - (usually). I bet a chunk of this is BT.

As for the 50 quid...I wasn't that fussed - if I leave, I leave and I will pay the silly fee. Better than paying an upfront fee....

Do hang in there. I am sorry. I know JUST how you feel.

Hope you get on and stay with them happily once you do....


Seriously annoyed....


I cant see them holding you to a charge for somthing you have not yet received. I am not, however, an expert on this sort of thing, in any shape or form.

As stated by pjmarsh, the details of the deferred activation and the "you stay we pay" are fairly clearly linked. However, form a common sense point of view, you havent even been activated yet, so I am not sure that those rules can be applied.

As I said though, I am no legal expert.


Welcome to the forums. I am glad that things are going well with Plus net for you. Smiley

Seriously annoyed....

>> Welcome to the forums. I am glad that things are going well with Plus net for you. <<

Cheers doll...

....And I seem to be able to view my own site now which is what brought me onto the forums in the first place today. I seemed to be locked out of my own site which is like being locked out of your office. Grrrr. But the door just opened. Yay.

I am relieved and happy. Long may that continue! Smiley