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Sending e-mail from alternative connections


Sending e-mail from alternative connections

I've recently upgarded to a wireless network and after some slight teething problems all is now working well at home.

However I am currently away from home and accessing my e-mail via the wireless network of another member of my family (not a plusnet user) and while I am able to access my e-mail I don't seem to be able to send....using Outlook anyhow....can of couse use webmail....

Am I missing a setting - it all sends OK when at home....when connected via plusnet - just not now?

Any thoughts gratefully received
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Sending e-mail from alternative connections

Plusnets SMTP server,, can only be used from a plusnet connection - i.e. a Plusnet assigned IP address. This is for security reasons so plusnet knows who is using it (it stops spammers from using it from another ISP connection). Almost all ISPs have this restriction.

You need to change the SMTP server in your email client to use the one that your current ISP has to send emails. You then need to change it back when you get home.
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Sending e-mail from alternative connections

You can only send using PlusNet's SMTP server whilst connected using the PlusNet network. This means that if you are using another person's connection and they do not use PlusNet that you will need to use their ISP's SMTP server to send mail or another one that you have access to.

For example, if your friend is using BT Yahoo! Broadband, you could download/received your mail using PlusNet's POP3 server ( and send mail using ( You could not use PlusNet's SMTP server ( for sending.

An idea has been raised for an authenticated SMTP service to be offered, but there is no plan for this any time soon as far as I am aware.

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Sending e-mail from alternative connections

OK - well thanks for the speedy response and comments....I guess I'll need to check out the connection and/or use webmail....

Thanks again!

Sending e-mail from alternative connections

I notice that is is on the ideas list suggesting that someone is looking at it over on Ideas and Suggestions

Idea 2250
Description: Authenticated SMTP
Created: 17 Jul 2003
+Net status: Already raised and accepted as idea 1924
Additional Info: Idea 1924 aka Job 32380 is open with Engineering Support Team Leader. Has deadline of 31st December 2003
Last activity: 19 Aug 2003

This is a major PITA as I have ended up setting up outgoing mail accounts depending on the network I am using - given that I change networks every day it is painful Sad