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Sending Email


Sending Email

I had an outbreak of emails apparently being sent but not being received by people. No 'bounce back' occurs. Does anyone know if this is a Plus Net issue? and if so what is the solution?

And how do I get in touch with Plus Net, the help interface seems very complicated!




Sending Email

Hi there,

There are currently no issues with the mail platform which would cause this.

How often is it happening and how many addresses are involved?
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Sending Email

Name and shame the domains (No the whole e-mail addresses) that are bouncing.

Some of the US ISP’s are using some over sensitive spam filtering which is making it impossible to send e-mails of their customers.


Re: Sending Email

emails apparently being sent but not being received by people

same here. domain is E-mails not received with no report of non-delivery on PN's side. Incidentally, the recipient was me. I was writing to PN' comms team on a separate issue and cc'ed myself (hotmail address) for the record, bit afraid of relying on PN's mailboxes Wink.

I have tried the hotmail address again as a main recipient, with the same outcome, ie no outcome on both sides.

I checked that the hotmail account can receive e-mails from other addresses (and yes I checked the junk mail inbox as well).


Sending Email

thought I'd check again, and the e-mails I send from my PN account do not arrive in the hotmail account (works fine on and though), with no notification of non-delivery on PN's side. Personally, I do not care much as I hardly use PN e-mail account, but others might want to take notice. I'll raise a ticket.