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Sar110 Dropping Connection


Sar110 Dropping Connection

Hello there

For the past month my Sar110 (Solwise SAR110 s/w version VIK-1.38.030917a) has been dropping its external connection. Meaning I have to reboot it every 5 to 10 minutes when its bad. Even when it is connected I'm experiencing realy bad Packet Loss.

I've had it tested out and it all comes back to "our tests show no fault on your line itself. We do however show a high response time to data sent to your connection at your point of connection. This could a faulty device/filtering/wiring etc."

I've rewired and tried new splitters etc and upgraded the firmware twice, but its all lights on but no bodys home Sad

Test Results

traceroute to 212.159.***.*** (212.159.***.***), 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 ( 0.514 ms 0.444 ms 0.386 ms
2 ( 0.687 ms 0.767 ms 0.338 ms
3 ( 6.339 ms 10.687 ms 6.299 ms
4 ( 6.126 ms 6.834 ms 6.711 ms
5 ( 8.745 ms 6.604 ms 6.777 ms
6 **** (212.159.***.***) 296.641 ms 25.698 ms 23.395 ms

traceroute to 212.159.***.*** (212.159.***.***), 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 ( 0.476 ms 0.396 ms 0.392 ms
2 ( 0.713 ms 0.632 ms 0.577 ms
3 ( 6.354 ms 6.129 ms 5.894 ms
4 ( 6.752 ms 6.610 ms 6.118 ms
5 ( 5.941 ms 6.067 ms 6.113 ms
6 **** (212.159.***.***) 331.717 ms 375.149 ms 388.705 ms

Can anybody think of anything else I can try before chucking it in favour or either a D-Link DSL-504 or SpeedTouch 510


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Sar110 Dropping Connection

Have you attempted following the troubleshooting tutorial located in the Tutorial and FAQ forum?

With it only starting 1 month ago, it could be a possible hardware, line or exchange issue.

Follow the tutorial to rule out anything on your own side.

Sar110 Dropping Connection

Has there been any change in the SNR margins and line attentuation reported by the router.
What are the figures.

Sar110 Dropping Connection

Cheers for the responses.

I did the tutorial thing before posting and ain't got a clue about what the second posts on about? Well not how to check it anyway.

The problem seems to be with the firmware which some how keeps corrupting. If I make a change to the default connection settings it throws a wobbler!

It has on a couple of occassions reset itself back to default? Also if I make a change it randomly changes other settings as it wishes?

I've had a couple of internal error messages when trying to make changes and looking back I used to have to reboot it every now and again as it would not let any of my PC's at random connect to it.

Just reapplied the firmware for the 18th time in 5 days and it hasn't dropped out yet (16 hours new record).

So I think a new router is on the cards!

Sar110 Dropping Connection

Have you posted your problems on the Slwise forums?

It may be wise. Some of those know ther way around the routers pretty damned good.
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Packet loss

have you eliminated everything local, like a dodgy filter/equipment on your phone system?