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SOLWISE SAR 110 Router - Port Filtering Settings


SOLWISE SAR 110 Router - Port Filtering Settings

Hi all...

Having waded through the manual regarding this matter, I'm not entirely sure about how to do this. I think I've found the right bit, but I don't want to end up screwing my router config up.

I've got the firewall protection switched on, but I want to allow a specific port number access, namely port 6346 (gnutella), which I believe is being filtered out, as I can port scan my internal IP address and see that it's active, but it doesn't appear to be so when I do the same scan on my external IP address.

Anybody know how to go about setting this up ? I think it might be in the IP filtering rules section, but I'm not entirely sure.



SOLWISE SAR 110 Router - Port Filtering Settings

Your correct just add a rule under IP filter as follows:

Action = accept
Direction = incomming
Interface= ppp0
Security Level (tick the ones you want for this rule to be enabled)
Src Addr= any
Dest Addr=any
Protocol=(I am not sure if Gnutella used TCP or UDP so select any)
Source Port =any
Dest Port=6346

That should get you up and running, if you are using static IP addresses behind the firewall you could also setup a port redirection (RDR) rule to tighten things down then modify the firewall rule above.



SOLWISE SAR 110 Router - Port Filtering Settings

One thing, though. I noticed that if I change the security level to any setting from "none" that no network traffic gets through at all!

Does this mean that I have to set up a set of default rules to let particular port numbers through before I can switch port filtering on ?

(I would assume I'd have to get the basics entered - 21, 23, 25, 80 and 110)



SOLWISE SAR 110 Router - Port Filtering Settings

Yes you need approx 7 rules as follows

First rule should allow outgoing traffic on ppp-0 interface which originated from eth0. Apply statefull inspection to this rule (This will allow the majority of your traffic).

Add 2 rules to allow incomming data on ppp-0 where the source address is Plusnets DNS servers and the source port is 53 and the protocol is equal to UDP.

Repeat the above rule but change the protocol to TCP

If you require ping and traceroute facilities add an incomming rule to allow ICMP traffic on ppp-0.

Add a final rule (just good practice) to deny all incomming traffic on ppp-0.

The above set of rules will allow you to make outgoing connections, if you want access to your computer from a remote location then you will have to start opening up additional ports for incomming connections.