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SNR improved by order of magnitude!


SNR improved by order of magnitude!

Though connected on (and receiving) a 2MBps service, my router was showing downstream SNR of as low as 2DB. We were getting decent enough speeds, though, so obviously someone at PlusNet thought that it wasn't a problem. I thought it was odd, but let it lie.

Since the regrade from 20:1 to 50:1 contention, the SNR has jumped up to 14-16DB! And the connection speed and quality have (obviously) improved. Is this supposed to happen? Or have BT done some maintenance somewhere that has caused this?

Just curious!
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SNR improved by order of magnitude!

It obviously has to be something to do with BT and I suspect that you will now have been moved to different equipment in the exchange??
Maybe the 20:1 DSLAM's produce nise on the line?

Just a guess :?