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SAR110 Router Probelms/Bugs - Really Annoying


SAR110 Router Probelms/Bugs - Really Annoying


Hi all,

I've just upgraded my firmware to version 220903 with the following issues:

1. The new image destroyed my current settings
2. After setting it up all again, and clicking commit several times, just to make sure, the router lost all its settings. It turns out (after much hair pulling) that changing my root password crashes the config.
3. There is rule in the IP filter section, that no matter what I do I cant delete. It allows http traffic to the public interface
4. The new functionality for saving a backup does not work if you change the name of the file when being uploaded, i.e only the default name works.

All added up ... this sounds like a hacked version of firmware. Cant change password, and http allowed to public interface.

Send your comments ...
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SAR110 Router Probelms/Bugs - Really Annoying


from my experience of the 110 and reading the Solwise forum:-

1. This is standard. I don't like it as it used to be a pain manually putting it back as I had configured it.

2) I have had no problem with committing changes. I change the root name and password and have not had a problem.

3) the only rule you cannot delete is no. 5. This rule seems to deny access to prt 80. You can still disable it if you wish (as I have done).

4) must admit have saved a backup but have only used the default name..

It may be worth asking the questions again on the Solwise Forum. and follow ADSL and SAR110.


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Re: SAR110 Router Probelms/Bugs - Really Annoying

Send your comments ...

I did, on the solwise forum.


Some Solutions


After some help from the list ... here is what I have been able to get working:

1. The new image does destroy all settings that you have.
2. Reload the image, able to save my password now and all other settings
3. Disbale the HTTP WAN access under the ADMIN --> management tab. I'm not sure if this blocks all access to HTTP though. The rule still stays there, but is set to deny. Away around is to create your rules to block access to port 80 and 23 before that rule, i.e rule ID 1,2.
4.Thats just the way it is .... but at least its there.