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SAR110 - 110 Tips


SAR110 - 110 Tips

My router arrived yesterday minus any manuals or disks. Still, managed to get it all working. It has the latest - V1.38 - firmware and the setup screens appear slightly different than the "Quickstart Guide".

Just a couple of points while they're still in short term memory.

1. Using the "Quick Configuration" link (as recommended by Customer Support creates ppp-0 with DHCP disabled so you can't actually get an IP address from +net - i.e. you WON'T be able to connect. I couldn't find ANY way to enable DHCP other than to DELETE ppp-0 and then recreate it using the "Add" button.

2. SECURITY * VERY IMPORTANT* - this has been raised before on these forums but can't be stressed enough. As shipped (and this STILL applied to V1.38 firmware) the router can be reconfigured by ANYONE on the internet. Please DO change your password and root login using the Admin tab. You will also need to implement the IP Filter rules as described here: -

+Net - PLEASE consider putting a big red sticker on the SAR110 box pointing to a detailed warning.

Otherwise it's seems a reasonable piece of kit.

Hope this helps some1 out. Cheesy