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After sending that reply, I noticed something in the manual while looking if it said anything.

Right above the DHCP server configuration details, is info on the IPv4 routing.

It is my knowledge that I could use this routing feature to my advantage, thus keeping the default gateway intact and having the router perform the job for me.

Our old router sits on - This is somthing we could not change, and because of the lack of DHCP server, we needed a new router to support our printer.

Our new router sits on

While strickly a subnet, we use a mask of

With that in mind, does anybody know what values we would use to make the router route via instead?


Has anybody with some CLI technical knowledge got a SAR 715PV?

We currently use ours as our DHCP server which spits out our DNS servers and it's own IP address as the default gateway.

We also have a second rotuer that can do nothign more other than login and provide a NAT gateway.

We wish to re-introduce the older router to act as our gateway for internet traffic. This is pending the activation of a second line which our SAR will be connected to.

This activation is planned for just over a month.

To do all this, I need to keep the SAR as the DHCP server, but need to change the Default Gateway address it spits out.

Via the CLI, I see than some of the DHCP subnet options can be changed with the "dhcpserver subnet 1 add option" command.

A list of the options available can be found using "dhcpserver list options"

What I don't know is which of these options is the one to be changed. In the 255 item list that the command above spits out (second command), I can only see "routers" and "non-local-source-routing" which could possibly be the items for us.

Is there anybody that can point me in the direction to change the IP that it feeds out.

Many thanks


I dont know that router but most routers dont give you the option to change the gateway as it just sends its own ip.

The place ton get the answer is their forum


I have posted there too, however, in the past I have found the support offered on the forums there gets to a certain point, and they give up, run out of ideas or often don't understand the question.


If you get the pdf setup file.

what you wants apears to be on page 43 the setting is host is default gateway true or false


That setting is available via a seperate CLI command or the web interface. It is as you noted, true or false.

However, I can't see any real reason for that setting. If setting to false, no GW is specified, thus traffic destined for the internet doesn't have a route.

Implimenting a script to setup and change a route record is not feaable at this time, as the required hardware and software can't be put in place until after this whole changeover takes place.