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SAR-110 Router & edonkey


SAR-110 Router & edonkey


I've got a problem.

I dont seem to be getting any downloads offa edonkey,

I've opened up 2 ports (UDP & TCP)

Then overnet gets connected, edonkey then connects then after everything has loaded, I start to d/l. but after a few mins/secs the download stops, edonkey disconnects then reconnects and the cycle starts over.

Has any1 got any suggestions as to hardware and software settings.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

PS. if u got the Dynamode a220 card, then swap it for the router, it costs more, but since i received it on monday ive had ZERO disconnects, and thats running winxp!!!

SAR-110 Router & edonkey

You would do better asking this sort of question in the Solwise forums...