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Running my own server


Running my own server

I set up a server on a old conputer in the corner of my flat to host my screenshots from the on-line games i play.

On Wedensday i added a couple of short movies i made while playing as tests and posted on my guild forums so i could get some feedback about quality, etc.

However they can only download them at about 23 - 28kbps which menas it will take about 4 hours to download 2 - 3 minutes of film.

Checking the router shows that they should be able to get up to 288kbps.

Anyone help me figure out why its so slow?

I'm running Apache 2 on Win2000 pro using a Mentor Router

The films can be found here The first one is 198 Mbs and the second is 248Mbs.

Running my own server

Forgive me if I have misunderstood you here, you weren't entirely clear with the distinction between bits (lower case b) and bytes (upper case B).

With a 288kbit upload you won't get more than about 30KB/s upload including overheads anyway, so if those "23-28 kbps" you wrote were kilobytes (which i'm thinking they were because for 200-250MB files those times are about right) then you won't have people downloading them any faster.

Also, you should re-encode the clips. for 2-3 minutes you should only be looking at about 20-30mb files at MOST for a good quality encode. If you are using them straight out of fraps, then the video will be encoded with the fraps codec which is designed to capture fast and high quality, but NOT be small. Try checking for some guides on the internet about re-encoding video to xvid or divx for example, with such tool as virtualdub, it is extremely easy to use and highly effective.

Running my own server

Ok, thanks. Further checking using the DSL ZoneUK speed test shows this

"your connection is performing very poorly (21% efficiency) for a 2 Mbps service."

Thanks for the tip about Divx, off to look at that now.
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Running my own server

I have setup my system as a server for a project for uni.
mainly to download music files.

I was also surpised to find that downloading a song was taking about 5 mins from the uni computers.

Dude broaband speeds are more geared towards downloads, the upload speed is really poor as this aint what a home broadband connection is usually used for.

I talked bout ths a lil while back Here

you may or may not find it useful

hope this helps

PS there aint a thing you can do about it Sad

PS PS i have heard some romours about flash movies - you can take like a home video and have some kinda flash converter work its magic to dramatically reduce the filesize.
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Running my own server

Just to point that the MaxDSL upload speed will be upto 448kps for Home connections and about 800kps for Biz connections. Or if on the LLU service upload will be Upto 800kps on home too.

I'm on MaxDSL now and the Upload rate with sync @ 448kps is around 48Kb.


Running my own server

Whatever the problem is, its going away today.

Up to 97% this morning. Hopefully it will be back to 102% tomorrow