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Router says connected but connection not working?


Router says connected but connection not working?

During the last 24 hours I've kept having to reconnect the router to get my connection going again. Last night it was happening far too frequently.

When I log into the router it's still connected and it lists the DNS entries but no sites load up on any machine.

Anyone else having this issue?
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Router says connected but connection not working - me too

I have the same problem.
Is it PN or is it something else?


dropping connections

yes, this problem keeps on recurring for me and is getting no better 4 weeks after the change-over. Plusnet claims that it could be problems with the cabling in your house unless you connect into the master socket direct from the modem. (Usually easier said than done, and curiously no tweaking of the line seems to change the behaviour).
I think the problem is 2 fold: 1: the BT system is not selecting and then maintaining the optimum line-speed. It keeps on re-evaluating and pushing it up until (I suppose) it breaks. 2: The connection, once dropped, seems to leave a phantom connection at Plusmet so that you can't log back on without actually unplugging the modem and then remaking the connection. At least, that is the only thing that has worked for me.
The help-line is abysmal, but that appears to be because the service has collapsed so much that they are over-whelmed. I think some refunds are in order!

Router says connected but connection not working?

Same problem here, router status can show link status good sometimes, and no web pages display, doing pings and tracert's show major packet loss. Other times the router has dropped it's connection and is trying to intialise, this is at a line level. No changes to my account in at least a year so should be nothing to do with Max unless we are being "up"graded without our knowledge? Plus Net response zero!! Sad