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Router recommendations?


Router recommendations?

Looks like my current Netgear DG814 router isn't long for this world. Don't know if it's not liking the new 1Mbit connection (thankyou PlusNet), or the firmware flash I did about the same time, but it's crashing quite regularly.

I run quite a lot of things out of my home LAN (all legal, I may add) so the connection is never quiet for very long. I'm after modem, router, 4 port hub, wireless LAN (preferably 802.11g), firewall. Most important, it must be stable (it's a bit expensive to reset the router when I want to (securely) remote access my PCs from 4,000 miles away Smiley ).

I've been looking at the 3Com OfficeConnect range. Does anyone here have experience with these? Any other recommendations?
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Router recommendations?

Did you do a reset to default settings (via the reset button at the back - read the manual on how to do this) and re-entered your config info after flashing. If not I suggest you do that as sometimes this is needed for reliable operation.

Also what version did you flash. The latest is 4.9

There are many threads where others have asked for recommedations for routers. I suggest you look around for those threads.

The office connect range are expensive for what you get. The Netgear DG834G is often recommended here as is the Linksys WAG54G

Router recommendations?

Already flashed to 4.9 and skewered the reset button, but thanks. Smiley

I did have a quick scan for recommendations and the DG834 has come up before, but wasn't sure about stability (given that I'm already using a predecessor).

Has anyone tried either of Netgear/Linksys routers with any P2P programs? Not planning on using P2P myself, but if they'll handle P2P, they'll handle anything.

Will check out the Linksys.