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Router diagnostic failure (IP connect to PPP)


Router diagnostic failure (IP connect to PPP)

Sorry if this has already has already come up. With the searching messed up (see MY topic - stop stealing my ideas, pcorker! :lol: ) I can't tell.

Anyway, in last couple of days, my router has been showing this error message: Test PPPoPvc 0 IP connect to PPP = FAIL

I've asked this question on a forum for my router and have tried playing around with settings, resetting, upgrading/downgrading my firmware etc etc... :x Cry

I just wondered if it might be something to do with my ISP, PlusNet Sad

Any ideas?



I have solved this now and I just thought I'd put my solution to this problem here in-case anyone else needs it:
I had some inbound policies (to block ICMP pings) set-up in my router's firewall which were preventing the 'IP connect to PPP' from working.