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Router connection stats


Router connection stats


Currenly have a 2mb connection , could someone please advise regarding what Line Attenuation , Noise Margin figures mean / and my values . What is the ballpark max figure I could expect ?

Downstream Line Attenuation 50db
Downstream Noise Margin 19.9db
Upstream Line Attenuation 24db
Upstream Noise Margin 24db
Distance from exchange 3.6k

Thanks Steve
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Router connection stats

The attenuation is related to the line length and the quality of the line-- if line quality is good the downstream attenuation divided by 14 will approximate to the line length which in your case is 3.57 Km so presumably your router is programmed with the same rule of thumb! This can also be used to estimate a synch rate for the various technologies (see ) so for you (MaxDSL or ADSL1) that would be 5.5 Mbps

However this is not a very accurate way of estimating the sort of synch rate you might achieve and a better way is based on the fact that SNR drops by 6-7dB when the synch rate doubles and that the SNR margin aimed at by MaxDSl is 6 dB by default, so one can estimate from your downstream figures that, with a bit of luck and a fair wind, you might achieve 8 Mbps!


thanks for the heads up

Cheers Steve