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Router Sync Problems


Router Sync Problems

I was using a Netgear DG824M wireless router until a few weeks ago when it stated having sync problems. I then tried changing filters, Ethernet cables, using only the master socket and all the normal things. I thought that it was a faulty router so I bought a D-Link DSL G624M. This will not sync either. I called BT who came and checked my phone lines and they are fine. I only lose 1dB going to my upstairs socket which the router is connected to. I borrowed an old Alcatel Speedtouch USB modem from a friend and this syncs straight away and connects to the internet fine. Does anyone know why a router will not connect but a USB modem will?

What else can I try to get my router working?

Thanks to anyone that can help.

Router Sync Problems

BT will only have checked the voice side of your line. BT wholesale will need to have the ADSL side checked and this can only be arranged by an ISP.

Have a read at the following tutorials. The are a superb source of information and diagnostic tricks.

ADSL Troubleshooting
ADSL Wiring and filters

Hope those help.

If you have any further questions post back.