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Router/Firwall advise required for new user


Router/Firwall advise required for new user

I wonder if somebody can give me a few tips

I recently upgraded to broadband, joined plusnet with Binatone ADSL500 modem. It all seems to work ok, but I'm confused about Routers/Firewalls.

1 I'm running Zone Alarm, it was blocking emails with attachments sent by Outlook and MSN messenger, I've added to the trusted zones - is this the right thing to do?

2 I want to use my work pc on the connection on a fairly regular basis, I've set up the VPN software on the pc, it connects ok, but I have to keep on swapping the USB connection between the PCs. An ADSL router seems the most elegant answer, but I don't know which to go for. I thought an ADSL router with print server & firewall seems the best way to go ( do I still have to use the ADSL modem) or I can I buy the one box? I'm not really interested in Wi-Fi. Any recommendations ?


Router/Firwall advise required for new user

Your looking at something like Drayteks 2600 plus,
if you want a print server included, it will basically do
everything youv'e listed.
Another one to look at is SMC Barricade 7404. It's a bit cheaper
but the VPN features are not as comprehensive.
Have a look here
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Router/Firwall advise required for new user

I previously had ISDN and have migrated to ADSL.

I use a Draytek 2600X for both and it is brilliant!!

If you really need a printer server as well, the the 2600 plus would be fine.

If you want wireless networking, then 2600W would be great too.