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Resetting D-Link 504

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Resetting D-Link 504

I thought this may be of interest for users of the D-Link device.
As it states in the support pages on this portal, there is no reset switch on the D-link and if like me you have forgotten what you altered the user name and password to then you have a problem should you wish to access the device.

I contacted D-Link who told me the following.

1. Connect the 9 pin cable to the D-link and Coms1 of your PC.
2. Call up Hyperterminal from Start-accessories-communications.
3. make a new connection
4. Set Speed to 9600
5. type in flashfs cat inituser

You will now be given a list of settings and will be able to see the current username / password.

The above is for Win 98 but will probably be similar for other windows systems.

Support may wish to add this to the support page for this device?
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