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Required: 2mb Speed Tests


Required: 2mb Speed Tests

Can those reading this posting who have the 2mb adsl connection post some speed test results please, using the adslguide speed tester...

To provide another test what kinda speeds are you getting from the below download link?

This URL

I've just signed up for the new service and am interested to see what kinda peformance you guyz n girlz are acheiving. Previous post saw one guy getting 240kbs downloads! I would be also interested in seeing ping tests for the below

Your feedback would be appreciated...

- Graham

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Required: 2mb Speed Tests

Come on guyz, surely someone out there with a 2mb connection can help me out for info here :roll:
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Required: 2mb Speed Tests

I got Downstream 1851 Kbps (231.4 KB/sec) on the speed test.
ping on adslguide was avg 21ms
ping on was avg 18ms
ping on was avg 26ms

oh the adobe d/l was 230-235

Required: 2mb Speed Tests

Sweeeeeeeeeeet cheers for the feedback. FYI on my previous datastream 2mb connection ping times were around 20ms higher than below (probably down to the european routing) and download speed never went above 210-215kb/s

So yeah am looking forward to getting my line up and running. BT will do a line cease on the 16th June, then its in the hands of boffins after that to get me up and running Cool

Required: 2mb Speed Tests

Downstream 1868 Kbps (233.5 KB/sec) 2017 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 232 Kbps (29.0 KB/sec) 250 Kbps (inc. overheads)