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Replacement ADSL cables


Replacement ADSL cables

Anyone got any recommendations for good replacement ADSL modem cables.

I'm sure that the crappy unsheilded thing that shipped with my modem really isn't idea for MaxADSL.
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Replacement ADSL cables

I saw some in PC World the other day - can't remember the price though.

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Replacement ADSL cables

If you mean this

The hype about it is a tad misleading though to say the least

Faster than a speeding bullet; more durable than a normal phone cable; able to get you a faster Internet connection; it's the Belkin High Speed Internet Modem cable. That's right, this high-speed modem cable passes 100Mbits of information per second, giving you the fastest possible Internet connection.

excuse me whilst I dash out and buy some now...

(NOT!). Cheesy

Replacement ADSL cables

Dont worry about your cables being unshielded. This technology was originally designed around unshielded and the shielded only came along as an after thought (particularly as they are much more expensive!) and are only of value in areas where bad electrical interference is present.

The only thing for you to make sure of is good quality internal telephone cabling and any telephone extension leads that are in- line with your broadband modem. Cheap aluminium cable used in some phone extension leads can cause problems with your ADSL.