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Regrading - At what cost?


Regrading - At what cost?


I am currently using 'EasyStart' 1/2MB. My 12 months using
this package comes to an end on 01:01:05 and i would like
to change over (regrade) to the '1/2 MB Home premium' package
when my 12 month 'EasyStart' contract ends.

I have just spoken with Plusnet on the phone and the
spokesman for Plusnet said (and i paraphrase): if i
change over (regade) to the '1/2 MB Home Premium' package
then i will have to pay a one-off fee of £14.99 (dunno why?
Plusnet already have my details) and £21.99 each month for
a *Monthly* contract.

However, before I made the call i went here:

And to this Question:

"am on a broadband product that is no longer sold (for example,
Broadband EasyStart*, ADSL Home Surf or ADSL Home) and want to move to
Broadband Home Lite or Broadband Home Premier. This will result in my
subscription costs being lower."

The answer is given in table form, and in the column headed
"Moving to a product with the same speed" and the row headed
"moving to product on shorter contract"; the sum given is £24.99.

I mentioned this to the spokesman, but he could not give me
a satisfactory answer to this...ambiguity.

When i regrade to the 1/2 MB 'Premium home' package on a monthly
contract, Will i be paying £21.99 or £24.99 ?
(+ £14.99)

If it is the latter then i will be worse off than i am now !!!
Could some nice person clear this up for me please?

Regards, Andrew.


Regrading - At what cost?


As long as you have finished your first 12 months on the easystart account there is a one off £14.99 fee to change to 512k premier (monthly contract) which is £21.99 per month.

Regrading - At what cost?

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your response.

But why the £14.99 fee?
I am still the person at the same address etc, etc.
None of my personal details have changed at all!

Forgive my ignorance, but at worst, the data you hold
on me could be shifted from one database to another,
this could all be done in the blink of an eye, and with
little human intervention. So why the £14.99 fee?

Oh, and one more Question.
Is the timing of my regrade critical?
If the end of my 12 month 'EasyStart' contract does end
on 01-01-05, and i requested to regeade on the 02-01-05 (say),
would i be charged £24..99 for the first month of the
'Home Premium' contract?

Regards, Andrew.

Regrading - At what cost?


The £14.99 fee is a one-off administration charge which all customers using this upgrade path would have to incurr.

If you requested the regrade on 02-01-05 we would move the invoice date into the future to compensate for the extra credit you would have paid.