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Regraded to MaxADSL but.....


Regraded to MaxADSL but.....

I have receieved an email from PlusNet stating that my redgrade is complete and my router shows:

ADSL Status Mode State Up Speed Down Speed SNR Margin Loop Att.
G.DMT SHOWTIME 448000 8128000 12.0 25.5

Downspeed is 8128000 but when I go to speed test sites its reported to be 1.8Mbps and when I download files its also at the old speed. Is this because its still early on?
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Regraded to MaxADSL but.....

After your upgrade to MaxDSL your connction goes into "training" mode where for 10days your exchange tests your connection to try and work out the fastest speed your line can handle, you are advised to connect your modem at least once a day for the 1st 10 days so that it can finish the testing in the 1st 10days.

After the 10days your Profile on the BT system known as BRAS is meant to change to the speed at which is most suitable to your connection however it doesn't appear to be doing this on a number of occasions so even though you sync to the exchange at 8meg you will only download at 2meg, however it should change eventually, BT don't seem to eager to fix it!