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Regrade on BT Order Tracker


Regrade on BT Order Tracker

Does anyone know if the BT Order tracker should show regrade orders, as I have a regrade to 1Mb on Order with plus, since last Thursday - and BT Order tracker is not showing me the order ?


Regrade on BT Order Tracker

Order tracker should show order I had the same problem but raised a ticket and the order appeared. I think BT may have had a problem last week accepting orders ( could be wrong),

Raise a ticket and all should hopefully be resolved.

Best of luck


Regrade on BT Order Tracker

Please select from the list of orders below, the one that you wish to see in more detail.
Make your selection by clicking on the order number.
Telephone Number: xxxxxxxxxx

Order Number Date
Order Placed Type of Order
No valid orders Found

this after 11 days

ummm does this mean my order hasnt even been placed although i have paid up front for it?