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Regrade - early hours of morning?


Regrade - early hours of morning?


My regrade from 512k to 2mb is due to take place tomorrow (21/06/04).

I understand that it can take place at anytime during the day - I'm just wondering what the chances are of it being completed during the early hours so that it's ready to go when I get up tomorrow?

(Yes, I am getting a little excited about it - sad I know Shockedops: ) Cheesy

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Regrade - early hours of morning?

Hi there,
I have never regraded to a higher speed product but it would seem that the work is normally carried out by BT engineers in the early hours of the morning. This means that it is likely that you will wake up tomorrow and notice your router synchs at a higher speed (hopefully a figure in the 2000s Wink lol)....

I hope that it goes to plan - enjoy your new connection!

matt Wink

Regrade - early hours of morning?

I woundn't hold your breath. I was regraded from 1Mb to 2Mb 8 days ago, and ever since, I've had no ADSL service! I was told I would only be down for 15mins!!! Evil

Regrade - early hours of morning?

Well, my regrade was completely painless. Although it hadn't taken place when I woke up on Monday morning, it had by the time I returned from work later that afternoon.

And I'm very pleased with my new connection Cheesy

Local File C:\Downloads\SUSE-9.1-personal-x86.iso
File Date 06/18/04 20:34:00
File Size 734101504
Completed 734101504
Total Time 00:51:43
Average Speed 231.03 KB/s
Create Time 06/24/04 08:29:57
Complete Time 06/24/04 09:27:54

Regrade - early hours of morning?

My took about a week 2 upgrade from 512k 2 1mb. And with in that time i never got any down time that i notiched